Westminster News

Michael Supports Government Action on Bees and Animal Slaughter Houses

The UK is a world leader in animal welfare and this Government is consistently taking action to protect our precious wildlife in this country.

Most recently, the Government announced its intention to place new restrictions on pesticides which are harmful to bees.

Michael Speaks From The Despatch Box Again!

As Deputy Leader of the House of Commons it is one of my duties to represent the Government during Pre-Recess Adjournment Debates – debates held just before the House of Commons goes into recess which allows MPs to raise any subject that they wish in the Chamber to which I then respond on behalf

Parliament Crumbles Onto Michael’s Car!

There was a bit of a drama in the last fortnight which attracted some national media attention when a chunk of masonry from a 130 year old Parliamentary building fell from a great height onto my parked car – creating a sizeable hole in the windscreen.

Minister Michael Leads Parliamentary Debate

In my Ministerial role as the Deputy Leader of the House of Commons, I sometimes represent Her Majesty’s Government in Parliamentary debates, often delivering the closing speech.

Michael Supports Tough Action on Animal Welfare

In the last fortnight, the Government has announced three new measures designed to improve animal welfare:

1)  a ban on the sale of ivory in the UK;

2)  raising the maximum sentence for animal cruelty from 6 months to 5 years; and

Michael Attends Party Conference

Every year in the autumn the main political parties hold their annual Party Conferences and as I do every year I attended the Conservative Party Conference, this year located in Manchester.

Michael’s MP Expenses Explained

The independent body which monitors MP’s expenses (IPSA) releases the annual summary of expense accounts of each Member of Parliament on an annual basis, usually at around this time of year.