Europe Statement from Michael

The referendum on membership of the EU in June 2016 was the largest ever exercise in British democracy and the people expressed a clear preference to leave the EU: over 17.4 million people in this country voted to leave the European Union.

Tackling Crime and its Causes

I will work with Northamptonshire Police to reduce crime in our town. We need coordinated, local solutions to tackle crime and the causes of crime – including anti-social behaviour. 


Supporting Local Business

I visit local businesses regularly, listening to their concerns and helping them grow our local economy. By working with business we have already reduced unemployment by 51% since 2010 and we will continue to build on this work.

Investing in our NHS

An extra £20.5 billion for the NHS, whilst cutting red tape. The money will go to nurses and doctors, helping residents get the best possible care.


Backing our Local Schools

The core schools budget is at its highest ever and more children than ever are now in good or outstanding schools as a result. I will continue to support our schools in Northampton North so that even more of our children will benefit.

Local Government Reform

The County Council’s management was not working for residents, which is why it’s being replaced. I will work with residents to make sure the new council works for Northampton North and protects our town’s heritage.