Backing our Local Schools

The core schools budget is at its highest ever and more children than ever are now in good or outstanding schools as a result. I will continue to support our schools in Northampton North so that even more of our children will benefit.

Our Commitment to Education

Our Government has prioritised NHS and school spending. Funding for schools and health needs will rise from almost £41 billion in 2017-2018 to £43 billion in 2019-20 meaning that every child has access to world class education.

Ensuring the best start in life for our young people is not just about school investment. It is also what happens after school. Our management of the economy has ensured that there are more jobs than ever before, with unemployment now at its lowest point since the 1970s, so there are more job opportunities for young people when they finish education.

In the past, mental health services have not always been given the attention they deserve. This Government is introducing mental health first aid and awareness training for teachers in every school, and is working to ensure that every school has a designated mental health lead in place. Already, thanks to our work, 61% of schools offer counselling and 90% offer staff training on mental health support ensuring that people who need help have access to it.

I will continue working to ensure that our schools are given the resources they need to ensure young people in Northampton thrive.


Michael Visits Headlands Primary School

I recently visited Headlands Primary School in my Northampton North constituency to speak not only to the pupils but also to the CEO of the Northampton Primary Academy Trust (NPAT) about the future of education in Northamptonshire.

Michael Meets Pupils at Kingsthorpe College

On Friday, 2nd November I once again visited Kingsthorpe College in my constituency of Northampton North. I have visited the College on many occasions, most notably some three years ago in January 2016 when I brought the then-United States Ambassador to the UK to visit the school.

Michael Supports Northampton Teachers at No10 Downing Street

On Monday, 21st May 2018 the Prime Minister hosted a reception at 10 Downing Street to celebrate the outstanding work of teachers. I was invited to bring a teacher from Northampton to this reception who had shown a true dedication to high-quality teaching.