About Michael

Michael Ellis MP was born in Northampton at the Barratt Maternity Home in 1967 and he has lived and worked in Northampton his whole life.

Michael graduated from University with a Bachelor of Law degree, obtaining a First Class in British Constitutional Law and winning the Regional Government Award for the highest scoring in that subject.

Michael was subsequently Called to the Bar at the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in 1993 and was thereafter a practising Barrister in the criminal law field for 17 years in the Northampton area. He acted in some high-profile criminal cases over the years, both for the prosecution and defence. Almost all of his defence representation was for clients on Legal Aid who were unable to afford private legal representation. Michael ceased legal practice when he was elected to Parliament in May 2010.

Michael has been involved in politics for many years. In 1997, he became the then-youngest County Councillor in Northamptonshire, representing the Parklands ward in the Northampton North constituency. He held this office until 2001.

For several years while practising Law Michael was a recognised expert for the international media on legal matters and the British Constitution, including the monarchy.  He appeared and contributed extensively on constitutional matters relating to the Royal Family for BBC News, Sky News, CNN and others.

In December 2006 Michael was selected by the general public in an Open Primary to be the Conservative Candidate standing for Parliament to represent Northampton North.

In the General Election of May 2010 Michael was Elected to the House of Commons as Conservative Member of Parliament for the constituency of Northampton North.

Since February 2011, Michael has been a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee of the House of Commons, one of the most high-profile committees of the House, which deals with issues such as policing and immigration, and he has played a leading part in the major enquiries the Committee has conducted in recent years, including into Police conduct and surveillance, and national security issues.

Michael was appointed Parliamentary Advisor to the Chairman of the Conservative Party Lord Feldman of Elstree in September 2012.

In 2013 Michael began a major campaign in Northampton for extra funds from Government to reduce the problem of potholes and improve road and footpath surfaces in Northampton North. His campaign included raising a petition which he handed in to No 11 Downing Street, securing Ministerial visits to Northampton to highlight the problem, lobbying officials and government ministers, distributing leaflets and conducting surveys amongst his constituents, and highlighting the issue on local media.

Michael’s anti-pothole campaign was a success, and in the 2014 Budget the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced an extra £200 million for the improvement of roads, singling out praise for Michael Ellis in the House of Commons for an effective lobbying campaign and for persuading the Government to adopt this course. This announcement led to an extra £3.32 million for road improvements in Northampton North and around Northamptonshire. Resurfacing work began in Northampton North in September 2014. Michael continues to campaign for more money from the Treasury to further improve roads in Northampton.

Michael has supported and worked closely with several charities over the years. Following his work with The Prince’s Trust in a number of fields since his election to Parliament Michael was made The Prince’s Trust’s “MP of the Month” in July 2012.

Michael was also involved with charities connected with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 such as the Big Jubilee Lunch, the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee Woods Project, (where he organised the planting of a tree in honour of the Queen at Big Ben), and the Jubilee Hour for which Michael hosted a celebratory event at Parliament at the end of their national charity drive.

At Parliament, Michael was Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. He proposed the gift from both Houses of Parliament of a stained glass window for Her Majesty The Queen. He personally raised nearly £100,000 from Parliamentarians from across the political spectrum towards this project and he ensured no public funds needed to be spent on it. Michael later commissioned the window depicting Her Majesty’s Arms to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Expertly crafted by age-old traditional methods by one of the few remaining family businesses of its type in England, the window has been on display since the Queen unveiled it in March 2012 and it was installed in the North Window of Westminster Hall in the summer of 2013. The Queen visited Parliament to see it in place in December 2013.

Michael has been working with Lord Maurice Saatchi on the Medical Innovation Bill, aiming to make it easier for doctors who have both the fully-informed consent of their patients and the go-ahead of a Multi-disciplinary panel, to innovate in the treatment of cancer patients, seeking to achieve improved outcomes for patients and their families.