Conversation With a Cuppa: Michael visits Coffee Club

Every Tuesday afternoon a group of retired Northampton residents meet at Northampton Lawn Tennis Club to socialise at a recently-established Coffee Club and I was delighted to be asked to join them for a chat and a question and answer session.

Michael Goes Back to School!

On Friday, 21st April 2017 I visited Northampton Academy to speak to some of their students and I met the Principal Mr Parnell.

Michael’s ‘Value for Money’ as MP for Northampton North

I have always been very careful with my official expenses in recognition that it is not my money, but the money of every taxpayer in the UK.

For example, I have never once, in my capacity as a Member of Parliament, claimed expenses for any Travel costs whatsoever.

Michael Attends Bangladesh’s Independence Anniversary

The 26th March is the date Bangladesh celebrates its independence from Pakistan in 1971, and to commemorate the country’s 46th anniversary I was pleased to accept an invitation to attend a celebration event in the Houses of Parliament.

Michael Wraps Up Commons Business for Easter

One of the duties that I have in my role as Deputy Leader of the House of Commons is to represent the Government during what is known as the “pre-recess adjournment debate” – a debate which was held on the afternoon of Thursday, 30th March 2017.