Westminster News

Michael Backs Tougher Sentences for Criminals

As someone who worked in criminal justice for over 17 years here in Northampton before becoming an MP, I am passionate about fighting crime and ensuring that criminals serve a fair sentence subject to their crimes.

Michael Visits the Science Museum Ahead of its Reopening

As a former Arts Minister and someone who is acutely concerned about the recovery of the Arts sector following lockdown, I was particularly pleased to be invited to the Science Museum in London by its Director, Sir Ian Blatchford, ahead of its much-anticipated reopening.

Michael Welcomes Substantial Pay Rises for Public Sector Workers

I welcome the Government’s decision to give 900,000 public sector workers a pay rise of above the rate of inflation for doctors, police, teachers and more in the public sector.

Full-time median public sector pay now stands at £31,844, compared to £29,832 in the private sector.

Michael Answers Questions in the Commons

Again in the last fortnight I answered questions in the House of Commons from MPs from all parties in my role as Her Majesty’s Solicitor-General for England and Wales.

Coronavirus Update

From Saturday, 4th July, many businesses and venues will be permitted to re-open. This includes pubs, restaurants, hotels, and hairdressers. They will be expected to follow COVID-19 Secure guidelines.

House of Commons Returns in Full

The House of Commons returned in full on Tuesday 2nd June. Most MPs have returned to Parliament and have been voting in-person for the past two weeks. This follows a short period where MPs votes were recorded via remote electronic means. 

Michael Answers Questions in the Commons

Following MPs’ full return to Parliament, I was again in the House of Commons on Thursday, 4th June 2020, to answer ministerial questions as Her Majesty’s Solicitor-General of England and Wales.