Westminster News

Michael Ellis MP- Fighting COVID-19

For the past fortnight all of my work has been within Government in its effort to protect the public and the economy from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Michael Succeeds in Getting Sentences Increased

At the end of February, I again went to the Court of Appeal in London to personally present a case before three senior judges calling for the sentence for a violent Domestic Abuser to be increased.

Michael’s ‘Big Legal Lesson’

As part of Justice Week 2020, a group called Young Citizens, in partnership with a large legal firm in London called Allen & Overy, created the ‘Big Legal Lesson’ - a range of classroom resources that look at the fundamentals of the rule of law, and the roles of Parliament, government and the

Protecting the Jewish Community

The Community Security Trust (CST) is a British charity started in 1984 and established as a registered charity in 1994 that works to protect the safety and security of our country’s Jewish community.

Michael Orders Criminal Sentences to be Reviewed

As I have mentioned in previous E-newsletters, part of my role as Solicitor General involves me reviewing sentences that are highlighted to me as potentially being so lenient that they amount to a gross error on the part of the sentencing judge.

Michael’s Ministerial Visit to Leicester

On Thursday, 6th February I travelled to Leicester to undertake a number of Ministerial visits in my capacity as Her Majesty’s Solicitor General.