Westminster News

Coronavirus Update

From Saturday, 4th July, many businesses and venues will be permitted to re-open. This includes pubs, restaurants, hotels, and hairdressers. They will be expected to follow COVID-19 Secure guidelines.

House of Commons Returns in Full

The House of Commons returned in full on Tuesday 2nd June. Most MPs have returned to Parliament and have been voting in-person for the past two weeks. This follows a short period where MPs votes were recorded via remote electronic means. 

Michael Answers Questions in the Commons

Following MPs’ full return to Parliament, I was again in the House of Commons on Thursday, 4th June 2020, to answer ministerial questions as Her Majesty’s Solicitor-General of England and Wales.

Coronavirus Update

With all five of the Government’s tests being met and progress continuing to be made, the government has been proceeding with the incremental easing of further lockdown measures.

NHS Test and Trace System Launched

The new NHS Test and Trace programme has now been rolled out, to help us move towards a more normal time.

The move will ensure we keep making progress in easing the lockdown while continuing to keep the virus under control. 

The Government’s Covid-19 Recovery Strategy

On Monday, 11th May, the Government released a new 50-page document that outlines in detail the Government’s approach to dealing in the longer-term with Covid-19.