Northampton Primary School Pupils in ‘Grow and Sell’ Event

On Friday, 13th July 2018 I went to the area outside Waitrose in Kingsthorpe, Northampton to visit their “Big Sell” event as part of Waitrose’s Grow and Sell scheme.

The Grow and Sell scheme was launched by Waitrose several years ago in order to encourage schoolchildren across the UK to grow their own produce, thereby learning about the environment and sustainability as well as the care and patience required to grow produce, and then go on to sell it, giving them an understanding of the the commercial world and marketing skills. The school children will have collected their seeds from Waitrose, grown it themselves and then sold it at the “Big Sell” event. Through this interactive task, the schoolchildren learn about about the environment, sustainability, growing plants and also about showcasing and selling goods all of which are good skills to learn.

I was happy to support this scheme, which I believe has a positive impact on school children in their early years of development, and give out prizes supported by Waitrose. From what I saw at the event the children did a fantastic job at growing and selling their food.