Local Government Reform

Northamptonshire County Council’s old management was not working for residents, which is why it’s being replaced. I will work with residents to make sure the new council works for Northampton North and protects our town’s heritage.

I have had regular discussions with council leaders and Government ministers about how we can ensure local councils work best for Northampton North constituents. I have always been absolutely clear that I believe all libraries should remain open– and that I would not support a new unitary authority that does not respect the ancient history of Northampton. I have been encouraged by the progress being made and I will continue to work with residents and local councillors to ensure that any local government reform works for constituents in Northampton North. 


Michael: “Save Our Libraries!”

As part of my ministerial role I am the minister with overall superintendence of libraries and I have been all around the country visiting and opening new libraries and witnessing first-hand their huge importance to communities and those who use them.

Michael Meets Northampton Council Leaders

On Friday, 8th June, I met Cllr Jonathan Nunn, Leader of Northampton Borough Council (NBC), and the new Chief Executive, George Candler, and took the opportunity to raise with them some important constituency issues.