Michael Celebrates St George’s Day with Visit England

St George’s Day, which falls on the 23rd April every year, is the feast day of St George, the Patron Saint of England. St George is synonymous with England with not only being our Patron Saint but his cross forms the English flag.

Michael’s Ministerial Meetings

In my government role as Minister for Arts, Heritage and Tourism I of course have many duties and responsibilities and I hold many meetings with stakeholders from a variety of groups, organisations, backgrounds and industries.

Michael Supports Synagogue

At a time when a shocking increase of anti-Semitism is being seen I was recently invited to attend and speak at an event hosted in the House of Lords for Westminster Synagogue. The Westminster Synagogue is a congregation founded in 1957 under the original name of the ‘New London Synagogue’.

Michael Reports: Employment at Highest Rate Ever!

Figures released this month by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that unemployment has once again fallen.

In Northampton North there are 1,586 fewer claimants of unemployment benefits than in March 2010- a huge decrease of 58%.

Michael Meets the Union’s Tourism Ministers

On Thursday, 19th April 2018 I travelled to Edinburgh to discuss devolved tourism with the Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland tourism ministers and representatives and also to visit a couple of top tourist sites in the city.

Michael Celebrates with Northampton Bangladeshi Community

I was invited by the Northampton Bangladeshi community to recently attend a reception in the House of Commons to mark the 47th anniversary of Bangladeshi independence and the positive state of UK-Bangladesh relations.