Michael promotes the National Citizen Service

On Friday, 10th May I met around 100 students at Kingsthorpe College. I was invited by the school and the National Citizen Service (NCS), a hugely successful and popular scheme which helps 15 and 17-year-olds make new friends, improve their confidence and acquire important life skills.

Michael Engaging with Young People in Northampton

Ensuring that young people have a first-rate education has always been a priority for me. This is why I have visited every school in my constituency of Northampton North a number of times.

Michael Supports Action on Climate Change

In recent weeks much has been said about the issue of climate change, with the vast majority of media coverage claiming a lack of action on politicians’ part and I would like to put on the record the positive progress being made by this Government and this country.

Michael’s Latest Update on Brexit

In the past fortnight there have been numerous rounds of voting on various Brexit options in order to try and break the current deadlock with regards to Brexit – this included voting until midnight on one day and a vote being tied for the first time in over 25 years- however, as at Monday morning

Michael Supports Autism-Friendly Café Track in Northampton

Last week was World Autism Awareness Week, which is an important campaign to help raise awareness about autism. To mark the occasion I visited Café Track in the Market Square, Northampton which helps some 40-50 people on the autistic spectrum.

Michael’s Northampton North “Action Day”

In my nearly 9 years as the Member of Parliament for Northampton North and indeed the 3.5 years before my election when I was the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate I have always ensured that I regularly campaign on the ground with the local issues that matter most to residents of Northampton N

Michael Backing English Tourism Week

English Tourism Week is an annual celebration – which took place this year between Saturday, 30th March and Sunday, 7th April - that showcases the world-class sites and experiences that England has to offer tourists from all over the UK and all around the world.