Apprenticeships on the Rise in Northampton North!

Recently released figures show that since 2010 there have been 5,750 new apprenticeships created in Northampton North – a staggeringly good number which demonstrates the effectiveness of the Government’s work in creating new apprenticeships.

Supporting Our Schools: Michael Visits Cedar Road Primary

In my seven years as MP for Northampton North I have visited all of the schools in the constituency, many several times, and I always enjoy doing so. In many cases over the years I have arranged school visits to see the Houses of Parliament.

Michael Visits the Umbrella Fair

Every year in around mid-August the Northamptonshire Umbrella Fair takes place on The Racecourse. The reason it is called the Umbrella Fair is because it encompasses and includes a wide range of community activities, events and groups.

Parliament Moving to Northampton? Michael Comments

I was interviewed by BBC Radio Northampton on Tuesday, 22nd August. In this interview I was asked about the silencing of Big Ben’s bells as well as the possibility of Parliament moving to Northampton!