Michael’s Christmas Visits

Christmas Day for most people is a time to spend with family and other loved ones. As a public holiday, most people get Christmas Day off work.

Brexit Update – Withdrawal Agreement Passed!

On Thursday 9th January, the House of Commons finally passed the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement. It has now moved to the House of Lords, and Royal Assent is expected before the end of the month. Therefore, we will be leaving the European Union on the 31st January.

Michael is Asking for Your Views!

The next scheduled General Election is not likely to be before 2024, and whilst it is a regular criticism that people only hear from their MPs during Elections, in my case I have always regularly knocked on doors and talked to the residents of Northampton outside election periods too.

Brexit Update – General Election!

A General Election has now been called for Thursday 12th December to try and break the deadlock in Parliament and get Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s freshly-negotiated Deal across the line.

Nine Years as Your MP – What Michael Has Done For You

I was born and brought up in Northampton, and have lived and worked here my whole life. It is with immense pride that I have served the constituents of Northampton North for the past nine and a half years, since May 2010.

Michael’s £380,000 Expenses Savings for the Taxpayer!

I have always treated taxpayer money with as much care as if it were my own and I have only ever claimed for Parliamentary expenses that are absolutely vital to my functions as an MP in assisting the constituents of Northampton North.