Michael Meets New Chief Constable of Northamptonshire

On Friday, 16th November I met the new Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, Nick Adderley, to discuss a number of important issues affecting residents of Northamptonshire and to look at ways we can move forward and deal with these. I have always had good working relationships with our Chief Constables – Mr Adderley is the third since I was first elected MP in 2010 – and I support the police in the difficult job they do every day in maintaining law and order.

One important matter I raised with the new Chief Constable was the issue of travellers.

As many readers may know, areas in the town such as Abington Park and Kingsthorpe Recreation Ground have seen illegal encampments open up which in some cases has caused damage to the area and a rise in anti-social behaviour. The Police do have sufficient powers to be able to deal with this issue but it is up to the local Police force to enforce such powers. That is why the very first conversation I had with the new Chief Constable was about the issue of travellers. The new Chief has announced his intention to review the way Northamptonshire Police handle illegal encampments.

I am also very supportive of the Chief’s plan to phase out the use of baseball caps worn by Police Officers. Caps were introduced here in Northamptonshire in order to replace the traditional custodian helmets and bowler hats – something I opposed. Such caps, in my opinion, do not portray the image of a Police Officer. I am pleased that the new Chief Constable agrees and will be phasing out these caps in favour of the more traditional headwear.

Other matters were discussed as well such as neighbourhood policing and general crime. I am pleased to say that the meeting was very positive and I am confident that Northamptonshire Police are doing and will continue to do great work fighting crime, and they will have my full support in doing so.