Nine Years as Your MP – What Michael Has Done For You

I was born and brought up in Northampton, and have lived and worked here my whole life. It is with immense pride that I have served the constituents of Northampton North for the past nine and a half years, since May 2010.

Over the years I have replied to tens of thousands of emails, letters and phone calls from residents of Northampton North, on issues ranging from housing, the environment, littering, potholes, anti-social behaviour, immigration and a wide array of government policy matters.

Whilst an MP I have kept my expenses as some of the lowest in Parliament. Meanwhile I have kept my voting attendance record as one of the highest in parliament and I have always been one of the best MPs at replying to my constituents correspondence: in the 2014-2015 year for example I was ranked 1st out of all 650 MPs in responding to my constituents.

I have always sought to best represent you in Parliament in voting on issues that matter most to you. I am always ranked as one of the best MPs for voting and have voted in over 94% of all votes in the last Parliament (June 2017- December 2019). Below are just a few of the things I have voted for:

  • Giving 30 million workers a tax cut.
  • Taking 4 million of the lowest earners out of paying income tax altogether.
  • Committing the UK to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  • Implementing pro-economic measures which have brought employment to record levels – with unemployment going down by over 50% in Northampton North since 2010.
  • Putting in policies that have reduced the deficit we inherited by over three-quarters.
  • Creating schemes that have helped 429 people in Northampton North buy their own homes.
  • Fostering a business-friendly environment which has helped 865 more businesses created in Northampton North.
  • Legalising gay marriage.
  • Cutting down on Government waste and bureaucracy.

Locally, I have championed our town and achieved – amongst other things – the following:

  • Lobbied the government successfully achieving millions of pounds in extra money for the County Council to fill in potholes.
  • Successfully lobbied the government to invest up to £25 million in Northampton to improve infrastructure to help the local economy.
  • Lobbied Historic England to start repairs on the Queen Eleanor Cross.
  • Fought to support libraries in the County – ensuring that they can stay open.
  • Worked with residents, Council leaders and the Government to put in motion a new and more cost-efficient council for residents.
  • Provided assistance to thousands of people and businesses.
  • Helped save threatened bus routes.
  • Helped 150 Blue Badge holders have their parking tickets cancelled.
  • Organised some of the biggest local Jobs Fairs, Apprenticeship events and disability events to help people find new employment.
  • Visited and supported hundreds of organisations and community groups.

I have always worked hard, all year around, to best represent you and if honoured with re-election I will continue to do so.