Michael Visits Northampton Academy, Discusses Road Safety

Helping to provide a robust and high-quality education is one of the most important roles of government and is key to unlocking the future potential of our young people.

I enjoy my visits to schools in Northampton North and am always pleased to meet pupils and give them the opportunity to ask me questions and get directly involved in politics.

With this in mind, I recently visited Northampton Academy. This visit however was not only to undertake a Question and Answer session with pupils but also to discuss improving road safety immediately outside the school.

Before Christmas, a Year 7 boy at the school was injured when hit by a car. The school contacted me for help because of their understandable concern about pupil safety and I asked the Director of Northamptonshire Highways to meet me at the school to discuss the matter with the Vice Principal.

After my political session with the pupils, the Vice Principal, the senior Highways officer and I visited the road crossing and discussed measures to try to improve safety.

I will continue working with the relevant bodies to try and secure a positive outcome that improves the safety of students at Northampton Academy.