Michael Supporting Road Safety Charity

On Wednesday, 3rd July I delivered the keynote speech at Brake’s annual reception. Brake is a UK-based charity (charity number: 1093244) that promotes road safety, coordinates Road Safety Week and also provides support for bereaved and injured people in road crashes and the professionals who care for them such as the emergency services. The annual reception celebrated the hard work of people who have promoted the issue of road safety on our roads and I was pleased to commend everyone there for their vital work in this regard.

It is crucial that we do what we can to promote the work of charities such as Brake which help curb dangerous driving on our roads. In order to address this issue Brake regularly publish road safety guidance as well as help to organise local events educating people on safe road practices. During my time working in the criminal justice system in Northampton before I was elected to Parliament I worked on cases which involved Brake – so I know of their work and how families here in Northampton and nationwide are affected. Road safety is my number one priority as the Minister of State for Transport and I will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that British roads remain amongst the safest in the world.