Michael Engaging with Young People in Northampton

Ensuring that young people have a first-rate education has always been a priority for me. This is why I have visited every school in my constituency of Northampton North a number of times.

On my schools visits I take the opportunity to talk to the pupils and the teachers about issues of interest and concern and also what I do as an MP.

I visited both Northampton College and Kings Heath Primary Academy recently. At Kings Heath Primary I visited classes, talking to the pupils whilst also learning about how the academy has been able to do so well for its pupils. I also visited Northampton College which has recently risen 198 places in the national college league table to reach an extremely impressive 11th Best College in the country! Higher education, such as that provided by colleges, are vitally important in helping young people reach their potential and obtain the necessary skills to help them in later life. I also saw the great arts teaching at the College including one of their dance classes.