Michael in Commons Debates: Save Our Bees and Support Cycling

My attendance in the House of Commons is one of the highest in the country amongst all MP’s- I have voted in 92.72% of all votes in the Commons that have taken place since I was elected in 2010, and I have spoken in 36 debates in the last year alone.

Here are just two debates I attended in the past fortnight:

1) Support Cycling: I am a big supporter of cycling, and want to help increase its participation rates and improve cycling conditions. I attended the recent debate in the House of Commons relating to cycling and asked the Minister about improving road surfaces in relation to cycle safety. One of the many reasons I lobbied for money to reduce potholes was to improve safety for cyclists- who are put at danger by potholes- especially as the dark winter nights start to draw in.

2) Save Our Bees:The issue of protecting bees and other pollinators in our ecosystem has been something which many constituents have contacted me about in the past year. This has been an ongoing issue in Parliament and I have kept my eye on it. In the Commons last week I reminded those present of the importance bees have in regard to food prices. In the absence of pollination helping growth in our ecosystem then it will affect food prices.