Michael Canvassing Your Views all Year-round!

Something that politicians are often accused of is only knocking on doors or only being interested in the views of constituents during election time.

I have, however, always taken the view since I was first a parliamentary candidate in 2006 that politicians should keep regular contact with the electorate all year around! I have stuck to this philosophy even weeks after I was first elected in 2010 and keep it to this very day.

Whilst the General Election was last year and the next one is scheduled for 2022 I have been out on the doorsteps of Northampton on a regular fortnightly basis talking to my constituents, asking for their views and asking if there is any way I can help. I regularly canvass on a Saturday, with my brilliant team of volunteers, speaking to residents whether rain or shine.

As someone who was born in Northampton and who has lived and worked here all of my life I am well aware of the issues affecting Northampton- but I do feel it is important to speak regularly with my constituents so I can best serve the community.