On The Road

What is Allowed?

Members of Parliament are allowed to claim 45 pence per mile for every mile they drive on Parliamentary business.

A trip from my house in Northampton to Westminster or vice versa is therefore claimable- and each round trip could be compensated with around £63.

What I Claim: £0

I have never claimed for any road travel in all my time as an MP.

I pay for all my own petrol whether driving around Northampton on my duties as an MP, in London or in transit between the two, and over the past five years will have saved the taxpayer thousands of pounds.

I treat taxpayer’s money very carefully and believe if others have to travel and pay out of their own pocket, your local MP should be no different. This is why I have decided not to claim any petrol money back.

I have never claimed for even one litre of petrol for this or any other journey during my time as your Member of Parliament since my election in May 2010.


Congestion Charge

What is Allowed?

MP’s are permitted to claim for the London Congestion Charge, which is £11.50 per day.

What I claim: £0

I drive a hybrid car which is better for the environment and was, until recently, exempt from the Congestion Charge.

However, the rules changed a year or two ago and the exemption was lifted- so I now have to pay for the charge. However, since this change came into place, I have not claimed a penny for the congestion charge and pay for it from my own salary.



What is Allowed?

MP’s are permitted to claim for taxi journeys in certain circumstances.

What I claim: £0

I have never claimed for a single taxi journey.


On The Train

What is Allowed?

The rules say that MP’s are permitted to claim back a standard class train ticket from their constituency to Westminster. Each round trip to Westminster could therefore be remunerated by over £60.

What I claim: £0

I have never claimed a penny on train tickets (or tickets for the London Underground) in the seven years I have been an MP. All the journeys I made on the train or tube I pay for from my own salary.