Michael Celebrates International Women’s Day

Friday, 8th March marked this year’s International Women’s Day, a day where we stand together and celebrate the tremendous achievements of women up and down this country.

Michael Opens the Cultural Protection Fund Exhibition

The UK ranks number one in the world in terms of ‘soft power’ (the ability to affect others to obtain preferred outcomes by the co-optive means of framing the agenda, persuasion and positive attraction) and this is, in part, due to the investment that we put into aiding other countries.

Michael’s School Visits

In my nearly nine years as the Member of Parliament for Northampton North I have visited every school in my constituency a number of times. I always enjoy visiting schools and talking to pupils about democracy, Parliament and my work as an MP and Government Minister.

Anti-Jewish Racism Must Be Addressed

It is quite shocking and totally unacceptable that the UK has seen an increasing amount of anti-Jewish hatred in recent years.