Michael’s School Visits

In my nearly nine years as the Member of Parliament for Northampton North I have visited every school in my constituency a number of times. I always enjoy visiting schools and talking to pupils about democracy, Parliament and my work as an MP and Government Minister.

Anti-Jewish Racism Must Be Addressed

It is quite shocking and totally unacceptable that the UK has seen an increasing amount of anti-Jewish hatred in recent years.

Michael Welcomes Northampton Schools to Parliament

In the past fortnight, I have welcomed two Northampton schools to Parliament to talk to the pupils about my role as MP for Northampton North as well as to answer any questions they had.

Michael’s Christmas Day Visits!

Christmas Day is for most a time to spend with family and other loved ones. As a public holiday most people get Christmas Day off work- but of course for some in essential roles like the blue-light emergency services work must continue even on that day.