More Criminal Sentences Increased Following Michael’s Intervention

I can again report that in the last fortnight the Court of Appeal has agreed with my request to increase the length of more sentences passed for serious offences in the Crown Courts. 

The first case saw a sentence increased from four years to six years’ imprisonment following my referral of a case under the Unduly Lenient Scheme.

The offender was originally sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for wounding with intent at Guildford Crown Court. 

The perpetrator smashed a glass on the victim’s head causing a significant wound and bleeding. The victim was airlifted to hospital.

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A second case which I referred to the Court of Appeal has resulted in an increased sentence from ‘Life with a minimum of 23 years’ imprisonment’ up to ‘Life imprisonment with a minimum of 27 years.’

The offender killed eight members of the same family in an arson attack on their home. A family of 11 people were all asleep inside the property while the offender – with accomplices – threw petrol bombs into the property, killing seven members of the family that night, including all five children under the age of 13. The grandmother, who jumped from a window to escape the fire, later died from her injuries.

The perpetrator, 19-years-old at the time of the offence, fled the UK to Pakistan for 17 years. Following his extradition he received his initial sentence in August 2019 including for eight counts of murder. The increased sentence reflects the abhorrent attack, and his fleeing abroad to avoid justice extended the suffering of the victims’ relatives.

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