Michael’s Northampton North “Action Day”

In my nearly 9 years as the Member of Parliament for Northampton North and indeed the 3.5 years before my election when I was the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate I have always ensured that I regularly campaign on the ground with the local issues that matter most to residents of Northampton North.

I have regularly canvassed my constituents to ask for their views on matters of policy and also if they have any concerns that they want to be raised with local or national authorities. I have done this, every year, all throughout the year and not just at election time.

On Saturday 6th April I was joined by over 40 of my hard-working and dedicated local volunteers for a full day of leafletting areas of Northampton North with my full-colour four page newspaper-style leaflet.

I have recently produced this leaflet, at no expense to the taxpayer, with news of my work in the constituency and in parliament. A copy of this leaflet is being sent out to every household in my constituency in the coming week. Please do feel free to send me an email if you have any questions resulting from the leaflet.