Michael’s ‘Big Legal Lesson’

As part of Justice Week 2020, a group called Young Citizens, in partnership with a large legal firm in London called Allen & Overy, created the ‘Big Legal Lesson’ - a range of classroom resources that look at the fundamentals of the rule of law, and the roles of Parliament, government and the justice system.

Year 9 students from a London school were given a crash course in the new resources and had a lesson in law and order and the justice system. I also got the chance to observe and take part in the activities.

The ‘Big Legal Lesson’ is an entry-level resource, suitable for children and young people to improve understanding of the rule of law and justice. More than 40,000 young people in over 440 schools are already expected to participate in the biggest public legal education event of its kind on the fundamentals of the justice system in England and Wales.

I believe it is important for young people to understand and feel more engaged with the legal system of the country they are growing up in, and supporting this aim is something I am doing alongside other legal work I undertake as Solicitor General.

I do encourage schools in Northampton to engage with this subject and The Big Legal Lesson and Partners’ Pack can be freely accessed via the Young Citizens website here: https://www.youngcitizens.org/the-big-legal-lesson