Michael Visits Northampton’s Delapré Abbey- Newly Renovated Heritage Site

Delapré Abbey – a former monastery in Northampton established in about the year 1145 – which then became a private house, has been in a derelict condition for decades.

Visitors have enjoyed the extensive grounds but have not been able to see the historic interior of the property. The house is a great example of Northampton’s heritage and has been undergoing a major restoration project which will help attract local visitors and tourists. I was invited to have a look around the Abbey with the leading conservator by the Northampton Borough Council (NBC) Leader Cllr Jonathan Nunn.

The Abbey, run by the Delapré Abbey Preservation Trust, when it opens soon, will be host to exhibitions and displays as well as hosting planned tours to demonstrate its great history. I know that the Abbey building will be a popular tourist attraction and make a solid contribution to the local economy. I was thoroughly impressed by the progress of the restoration and enjoyed learning about its interesting history.

I strongly recommend a visit when the site opens!