Michael Visits Anglo-American Company in Northampton

In a previous report (https://www.michaelellis.co.uk/news/michael-and-us-ambassador-strengthening-transatlantic-ties) I wrote about the fact that the USA is the single biggest foreign investor in the UK, and that US-UK trade supports millions of jobs in this country. After reading that article, a local Northampton company with Anglo-American connections invited me to visit them.

Curtis Instruments Limited is a US owned company which has had their UK base here in Northampton for 45 years now. With over 1,000 employees worldwide Curtis have put their faith in our local economy and the people of Northampton by having their base here and employing local people for nearly half a century. Curtis are a globally recognised firm in the design and development of custom integrated systems and electrification technology for vehicles and off-road machinery.

As the Minister of State for Transport I work closely with the vehicle industry in promoting and supporting the development of environmentally friendly vehicles and as such I was pleased to see the great work that Curtis are doing in developing such technologies. Innovation and new technologies can and should play a huge part in the way that we decarbonise our economy and it is with companies like Curtis that we can achieve this.