Michael Supports Mental Health Awareness Day!

On Mental Health Awareness Day 2018 I participated in the campaign again this year by launching a balloon from Billing Brook School to show my support for mental health awareness.

Colourful balloons, all biodegradable, were launched by people – approximately one balloon for every school in Northamptonshire – as part of the Northamptonshire mental health stigma programme to break down the stigma and discrimination experienced by young people with mental health needs.

I have participated in mental health awareness day in Northamptonshire for several years running now – there is still more to be done to raise awareness but I believe we are making progress.

I strongly support initiatives to raise awareness on mental health – I am a firm believer that mental health should be on a par with physical health and our attitudes and treatment should reflect this. This Government has done a lot to further the cause of mental health:

·       We are investing more than ever before on mental health at approximately £11.7 billion a year

·       We introduced the first-ever waiting time standards for mental health

·       We are investing in creating 21,000 more mental health workers to help treat 1 million extra patients a year

·       We are doubling our initial investment of £15 million into new community clinics for mental health patients

Prime Minister Theresa May has made it one of her priorities to increase the quality of mental health services in this country and I fully support her in such action.