Michael Supports Church Conservation at Northampton Heritage Site

On Friday, 2nd March 2018 I met the Chief Executive of The Churches Conservation Trust to discuss the great work that the Trust does around the country and also to visit one of their churches- St Peter’s Church in Northampton.

As the Heritage Minister I work with organisations such as The Churches Conservation Trust which helps protect and sustain this country’s magnificent history. The Trust cares for over 350 historic churches which no longer have congregations, across England, in order to preserve these ancient churches so that members of the public can see their stunning beauty and so that they can be used in useful ways for their local community.

St Peter’s Church, which is an Anglican church in Northampton near the Railway Station, is a Grade I listed building meaning that it may not be demolished, extended, or altered without special permission due to is historic significance. The Church, which is around 900 years old, is a stunning building built by the Normans which also happens to be beside the buried remains of a Saxon palace.

The Church has very special and unusual features and exemplifies the important work that the Trust does.

There is great potential to increase visitor and tourist numbers to Northampton and thus support our local economy, as there are many enthusiasts who enjoy visiting buildings of historic interest. In Northampton the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Sheep Street is an extremely rare example of a round Church, St Peter’s Church also has some highly unique and ancient features and of course All Saints Church is a fine example of an Eighteenth Century Church.