Michael Supporting the Northampton Kenyan Community

Following a meeting with the Northampton Kenyan Community (NKC) at one of my recent Advice Centre surgeries– which you can read about here: https://www.michaelellis.co.uk/news/michael-meets-northampton-kenyan-community - the community leaders invited me to visit their annual Party in the Park on Saturday, 13th July. The event was very well attended and I had a chance to try some of their delicious Kenyan BBQ food!

In my previous meeting with Kenyan community leaders and members we spoke about education, housing, immigration and employment issues. At this social gathering I gave a short speech offering my support for any issues that are raised with me and then visited the food and shop stalls that had been set up around the site.

For over nine years now I have been acting for any residents of Northampton North and any constituents can please feel free to email me at michael.ellis.mp@parliament.uk with any queries.