Michael Promotes Safe Driving in Northampton

The Institute of Advanced Motorists RoadSmart is a long-established charity which promotes safe driving. They have 200 local units based around the country, including one right here in Northampton.

I was invited by them to visit their Northampton unit recently to learn more about the work that they do in promoting safe driving. Currently based in Wootton through their portable unit, Northampton Advanced Motorists provide advanced driving courses which are proven to improve road safety and driver confidence – with almost 1,000 drivers having passed their Advanced tests. People who pass the course can usually obtain cheaper insurance cover as well.

The group offer free driving assessments- you can learn more about the process on the following website link: http://www.northampton-iam.org.uk/index.php.

I encourage drivers to consider either advanced courses or to learn more about safer driving practices – such as through THINK! (https://www.think.gov.uk/) – so that we can continue to work towards reducing road casualties.

Casualties on our roads have been decreasing for many years, but there were still over 1,700 deaths last year and every single death on our roads ruins lives and devastates families. That is why as the Roads Minister and as the Member of Parliament for Northampton North I am working to promote safer driving and improved road behaviour.