Michael Kickstarts Post-Election Canvassing

Some people say that politicians are only interested in hearing views of residents when elections are pending!

That has never been the case with me, and I go out with my wonderful volunteers on Saturdays knocking on doors and listening to the views of residents even when Elections are years away! I did this almost immediately after the 2015 election and have re-started the same routine now.

The General Election was only a couple of months ago, and it could be up to five years before the next Election, but I have rallied my campaign team back together to hear your views!

Parliament may be in recess but my work in Northampton North continues!

As you can see from the photograph I have a great team of superb volunteers. The team is diverse, across all age ranges, and from different backgrounds and walks of life. Even in the age of social media, it is clear that meeting people is the best way to hear about the issues that matter most to residents of Northampton North.

If you are interested in joining our great team please email and let me know.