Michael Joins Local Northampton Business at Plastic Reduction Event

On Monday, 10th September I attended an event in Parliament hosted by the British Plastics Federation and Plastics Europe. The event was designed for businesses across the country within the plastics industry in order to outline the danger that plastic waste can have on the environment and how best the plastics industry can move forward to reduce plastic waste.

Even though a great deal has been done to reduce the use of plastic bags, straws etc there is no doubt that plastics of all sorts remain in heavy use- and businesses dealing with plastics remain very important to the UK economy and to many different industries. Plastic waste, however, can have such a detrimental effect on the environment, especially plastic which finds its way into our rivers and oceans and which harm wildlife. That is why an event like the one I attended is so important.

I joined a local Northampton business Rotomotive Ltd at the event; Rotomotive Ltd is a local company which I first visited in 2013. It specialises in supplying technical consultancy services to the rotational moulding industry worldwide. Rotomotive Ltd has some very strong knowledge of the industry and it is important that we talk and listen to those who know the plastics industry and involve them in the discussions about how we can reduce our plastic waste and usage. Rotomotive Ltd is a good example of a Northampton-based company which has a strong standing and good knowledge of their own sector.

It is imperative that we take action to reduce plastic usage and waste. I am happy, therefore, that this Government is taking action to reduce avoidable plastic: it is our aim to eliminate all avoidable plastic by the end of the 2042. To achieve this we are taking action such as the 5p carrier bag charge which has already resulted in 9 billion fewer carrier bags in circulation.