Michael Ellis MP- Coming to a Street Near You!

The General Election was only about three months ago and the next General Election is not scheduled for well over four years.

However, just as I did soon after each of the past three General Elections I have now re-started my Saturday morning door-to-door canvassing sessions with my hard-working volunteers, to listen to the views of my constituents on their doorsteps and ask them to take part in local surveys so that I can hear first-hand what local priorities people have.

A vast amount of door-to-door canvassing was undertaken in November and December last year during the Election but I have always taken the view that politicians should not just be seen during elections and I have always routinely engaged on Saturday mornings outside of election times to try and gauge my constituent’s views of various subjects and see if they have any issues with which I can help.

If you happen to see me out and about during one of my Saturday canvass sessions, please do feel free to pop over for a chat – even if it is only to say “Hi”!