Michael Concludes Commons Business for Summer

As is tradition, in my Ministerial role as the Deputy Leader of the House of Commons I represent the Government in the “pre-recess adjournment debate” – this was the fourth time I held this debate which takes place on the last afternoon before the House of Commons rises for recess in the summer, Christmas and Easter.

This “pre-recess adjournment debate” is a rare debate in which MPs can raise any subject or type of issue they wish and as the Minister in charge I respond to every Member’s speech on behalf of the Government. This is now the fourth time I have closed the business in the House of Commons and it was a great pleasure to again speak for the Government from the Despatch Box.

You can watch my closing speech (about 20 minutes) by clicking on the following link: http://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/4b1a2c2e-80a8-452f-a1a6-9e36a3845b3e?in=16:40:40&out=16:58:50