Michael Celebrates St George’s Day with Visit England

St George’s Day, which falls on the 23rd April every year, is the feast day of St George, the Patron Saint of England. St George is synonymous with England with not only being our Patron Saint but his cross forms the English flag. A Patron Saint of course protects or guides a person or a place and it is reported that George was made the Patron Saint of England in the mid-14th Century by King Edward III. Shakespeare also immortalised St George in his play ‘Henry V’, which was based on the life of King Henry V of England, by having King Henry V end a speech in the play by proclaiming “Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and St George!’.

I am proud of our country’s heritage and St George’s Day provides an opportunity to celebrate our history and heritage. I attended a St George’s Day reception At the House of Commons which was sponsored by tourist body Visit England, an organisation that I work closely with in my role as Tourism Minister to promote the tourism industry in England. We have such a rich and fascinating history in this country and it should rightly be celebrated.