Michael Celebrates International Women’s Day

Friday, 8th March marked this year’s International Women’s Day, a day where we stand together and celebrate the tremendous achievements of women up and down this country. One of the main reasons that I entered politics was my desire to help create a society where everyone can reach their full potential.

I am pleased to see female employment at an all-time record high. More women are now in work than ever before.

There are also now some 1.2 million businesses across the country led by women.

We also have the highest percentage of women on boards than ever before.

I celebrated International Women’s Day by once again attending an event organised by the Conservative Councillor Anna King at the Guildhall on Saturday, 9th March. The all-day event included a packed programme with performances, information stalls, children’s entertainment and a catwalk show.

There is, of course, always more that can be done to strengthen and support gender equality and I look forward to working with this country’s second female Prime Minister to continue this work!