Michael Celebrates Hindu Festival of Diwali in Northampton

On Saturday, 3rd November I joined many Northampton residents in the Market Square to celebrate the stunning Diwali lights festival. The festival, which is celebrated by the Hindu community and also in other forms by Sikhs and Jains, celebrates the success of good over evil and light over darkness – symbolised by the many lights lit during the festival. Many Northampton residents will be familiar with the annual celebrations and the great displays associated with it; I have personally attended this event now at least 10 times!

I was very pleased to join members of the Hindu Community (and many other Northampton residents) at the Festival – it only seems to be getting bigger year on year! I even joined the dancers on stage to try my own hand at dancing but I think the crowds probably preferred seeing the beautiful lamps, candles and lights being lit. I am happy to support people of any faith and religion (or none) in Northampton in recognition of all they do for our community; Northampton is a wonderfully diverse society and I always enjoy celebrating this fact.