Michael Canvassing To Hear Your Views

Since I became an MP over 9 years ago, and the three and a half years before that when I was the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Northampton North, I have always been eager to speak to all of my constituents and hear their views and concerns. It is my firm belief that an MP should keep in constant contact with their constituents, which is why I have visited every corner of my constituency and spoken to tens of thousands of people. This important process enables me to remain in touch with the views of local people so that I can best represent them in Parliament.

I have been knocking on doors to ask people to fill out a short survey which asks residents about issues which matter to them most, both locally and nationally. These surveys enable me to see what my priorities need to be for the Northampton North area, as well as being another way for me to engage with my constituents views on national issues. My dedicated team of young volunteers are key to enabling me to hear the views of as many people as possible.

Although it is a regular criticism of MPs that they are only seen actively engaging with constituents during elections, that has never been the case with me - I have always knocked on doors canvassing views of my constituents, even re-starting just weeks after each General Election I have fought in 2010, 2015 and 2017. I enjoy canvassing and talking to the residents of the town where I was born, have grown up and lived my whole life.   

Please do feel free to write or email me if you have any issues you feel I can be of assistance with or indeed, if you have views on current political events and I will happily respond.