Michael Buries a Time Capsule!

On Sunday, 26th August I buried a time capsule to mark 40 years of the St George’s Avenue Conservative Club.

The Club is a friendly social club for people to use and meet which first opened in 1978.

It is also where I base my Northampton office. To mark the Club’s 40th birthday I planted a time capsule in the garden. The capsule included: the Club Newsletter, the Association of Conservative Club’s Magazine with members of the Club on the front cover, a newspaper of the day, a St George’s key ring and also some photographs.

A time capsule is a great way to preserve items and information from the past for future generations to then find and learn first-hand about the issues of the day and how the Club has evolved! They act as a great way of passing on information about the history of a certain place and whenever this time capsule is eventually found I am sure it would provide an interesting insight to the future users of the Club.

Social Clubs like St George’s are more than a place for people to eat and drink, but are part of the fabric that makes a community as it brings people together. This is the first time in my role as an MP that I have planted a time capsule and I was happy to do so for this club!