Kingsthorpe Village “Rat-Run”: Michael attends Public Meetings

Over the past few weeks I have been busy contacting residents of Kingsthorpe village regarding the possible closure of the Kingsthorpe Village ‘cut through’ between Welford Road and Mill Lane which some people use to avoid congestion around the Cock Hotel. Last week I was at St John’s Baptist Church rooms at two very well attended public meetings in the village to hear local residents’ thoughts on the issue.

The County Council are proposing to block the cut through at The Green- thereby stopping drivers from being able to use High Street or Manor Road as a cut-through.

Several months ago I wrote to residents asking whether they would like a formal consultation on the issue and most people suggested they would indeed support a full consultation and a chance to have their say- whether for or against the proposal, and I am therefore pleased that the Council are undertaking this process to hear views of residents.

While it is true that the narrow High Street can struggle with traffic at peak times, it is also the case that the proposal would create a separation in the middle of the village, so there are strong arguments in both corners.

I personally hold no preference but I am encouraging local residents who will see the effects of a possible change closer than anyone else, to make their voices heard and actively participate in the consultation. If you would like to add your voice to the proceedings please email Andrew Leighton of the Highways department at the County Council at the following address: .

The Council have decided that a change to the status quo would only be justified if there was strong public support.