Michael Orders Criminal Sentences to be Reviewed

As I have mentioned in previous E-newsletters, part of my role as Solicitor General involves me reviewing sentences that are highlighted to me as potentially being so lenient that they amount to a gross error on the part of the sentencing judge.

Michael’s Ministerial Visit to Leicester

On Thursday, 6th February I travelled to Leicester to undertake a number of Ministerial visits in my capacity as Her Majesty’s Solicitor General. 

Northampton Rotary Club 50th Anniversary

On Sunday, 9th February I attended the Northampton Rotary Club’s 50th Anniversary lunch, as they kindly invited me to be their Guest Speaker.

Michael at the Despatch Box

On Thursday 16th January, Attorney General’s Questions took place at the House of Commons.

Everyone of course knows about Prime Minister’s Questions, but not everyone knows that all Government Departments periodically have their own Question Time, and the Law Officers are no different!