Local News

Michael Attends Charity Caribbean Event

On Saturday, 23rd September I was delighted to be invited to attend and speak again at the annual Caribbean Ball, hosted by ACES - a registered charity based in Northampton.

Unemployment Continues to Fall in Northampton North!

Recent figures show that the unemployment claimant figure in Northampton North is down by a further 2% since 2015 and down by an enormous 1,225 (53%) since 2010. There is always more to do, but this is certainly very welcome and encouraging news.

Apprenticeships on the Rise in Northampton North!

Recently released figures show that since 2010 there have been 5,750 new apprenticeships created in Northampton North – a staggeringly good number which demonstrates the effectiveness of the Government’s work in creating new apprenticeships.

Supporting Our Schools: Michael Visits Cedar Road Primary

In my seven years as MP for Northampton North I have visited all of the schools in the constituency, many several times, and I always enjoy doing so. In many cases over the years I have arranged school visits to see the Houses of Parliament.

Michael Visits the Umbrella Fair

Every year in around mid-August the Northamptonshire Umbrella Fair takes place on The Racecourse. The reason it is called the Umbrella Fair is because it encompasses and includes a wide range of community activities, events and groups.

Parliament Moving to Northampton? Michael Comments

I was interviewed by BBC Radio Northampton on Tuesday, 22nd August. In this interview I was asked about the silencing of Big Ben’s bells as well as the possibility of Parliament moving to Northampton!