Michael Meets Northampton Housing Bosses

As Member of Parliament for Northampton North, I often intervene on behalf of my constituents to help them with individual cases, and the issue of housing is one of the most frequent issues that comes up.

Michael in the House of Commons

I was the Minister in charge for the Pre-Recess Adjournment Debate (PRAD), tasked with responding to all the points and questions made by my colleagues during a 2-hour debate in which any matter whatsoever can be raised.

Michael Supports British Toy Industry

In the past fortnight I had the pleasure of giving a speech before a couple of hundred guests at the British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA) Parliamentary Event “Giving the gift of play”.

Michael Visits Northampton Rotary Club

In the last fortnight, I attended a meeting of the Northampton West Rotary Club at which I spoke with the members about a variety of current affairs issues ranging from Brexit to my role as Member of Parliament for Northampton North.

Michael Supports Community Event in Obelisk

On Sunday, 3rd December I attended a community event in Northampton hosted by the charity Pushti Parivar (registered charity no: 1168376) to celebrate multiculturalism.

Michael Wishes 70 Basset Hounds a Merry Christmas!

The Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain (BRNGB) (registered charity no: 1166291) recently held their annual Christmas bash in Northampton and I had the pleasure to attend and to say hello to dozens of adorable basset hounds!

Animals DO Have Feelings: Michael Combats Fake News

Some readers will have seen a false claim that MPs voted in the House of Commons that animals do not have feelings. This incorrect story was sadly widely disseminated and was a perfect example of the increasing phenomenon of “fake news.”