Food & Drink

What was Allowed?

Until 2015, MPs were permitted to claim up to £15 a day for food and drink in the House of Commons restaurants and cafeterias - but only when the business of the House extended past 7.30pm. This happened frequently. 

The reason for this allowance was because MPs had to stay very near the Chamber to vote within 8 minutes of the Division Bell ringing. This means MPs could not easily leave the Estate and buy food elsewhere as they could miss important votes! This is why many MPs used the restaurant facilities in Parliament.

What I claimed: £0

I never claimed a single penny for any meal, food or drinks at any time since my election in 2010. Also whenever I bought myself or a constituent a drink, coffee or food I always paid for it from my own salary.

I decided not to claim anything back when I stayed late to work on behalf of my constituents.