Making Our Streets Safer

I want to ensure that families in Northampton North are safer and more secure in their homes. I have supported this Government’s reforms which have cut bureaucracy and have allowed officers to get out from behind desks and back on to the street.

Recorded crime in Northamptonshire is down 21% since 2010, including a 38% drop in criminal damage offences. There is always more to be done and I will continue to work with police officers of all ranks to ensure they have the support they need to tackle crime.

I have the utmost respect for our Police service and the work that they carry out, here a few ways in which I have been able to support them as the MP for Northampton North…


Police and Fire Open Day

Michael Attends the Northamptonshire Police and the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service's big open day at Wootton Park