Europe Statement from Michael

The Government is enacting Brexit because we asked the British people and they expressed a clear preference to leave the EU, with the leave side receiving 1,269,501 more votes than the Remain side, and actually 58.4% of Northampton Borough voters voted to leave. Therefore, by supporting the Government’s position on Brexit I am very much representing my constituents.

My preference is for the UK to leave the EU with a deal in place. After all I voted for a Deal three times but it was rejected by Labour MPs and some others in the Commons. They voted three times to block a Deal and also vote to block No Deal but they have no suggested alternatives!

I do, however, believe it is right that we do not completely rule out a No Deal. It is important that No Deal is kept on the table to ensure that Brexit is implemented and because it gives a clear message to the EU by strengthening our negotiating position. No serious negotiator would go into a negotiation and rule out walking away from that negotiation – also the simple fact is that the legal default is to leave without a deal if there is no deal in place. It is worth noting that the EU themselves have not ruled out a No Deal from their own perspective.

My strong preference is very much to leave the EU with a deal in place – one which delivers on the referendum result whilst protecting jobs, the environment and workers’ rights.