Europe Statement from Michael

The EU Referendum saw a majority vote to Leave the European Union.The national turnout was 72.2%, which is similar, if not a little higher than the turnout seen at a General Election.In the country as a whole the result was 51.9%-48.1% in favour of Leaving the EU. That was 17,410,742 votes for Leave and 16,141,241 for Remain; that means a Majority for Leave of 1,269,501

Making Our Streets Safer

I want to ensure that families in Northampton North are safer and more secure in their homes. I have supported this Government’s reforms which have cut bureaucracy and have allowed officers to get out from behind desks and back on to the street.Recorded crime in Northamptonshire is down 21% since 2010, including a 38% drop in criminal damage offences. There is always more to be done and I will continue to work with police officers of all ranks to ensure they have the support they need to tackle crime.

Affordable Homes - in the right places!

I’m backing plans for new affordable homes to be built, but only on appropriate sites across Northampton – and I’m insisting the Council ensures we have the new schools, GPs surgeries and transport links to cope – helping our next generation bring up families in affordable homes.

Improving our local schools

Securing our children’s education is very important to me; since my election in 2010 I have visited and worked with schools across our town and I am pleased that there are now 29% more schools rated Good or Outstanding in Northampton North compared to before I was elected in 2010.

More Jobs for Local People

Since being elected in 2010 I have held huge Jobs Fairs in Northampton regularly - with thousands of people attending each time! Since then unemployment in Northampton North has fallen by more than 50%. This is great news, but there is still work to do.Youth Unemployment is also down by an impressive 63% since 2010 and I am pleased that the number of Apprenticeships on offer has more than tripled.

Fighting for Better Road Surfaces

The campaign I worked on with Northampton residents since the last election to win extra funding for Northampton to fix potholes and improve our road surfaces has paid off; the campaign succeeded when at last year’s Budget our town received an extra £3.32 Million of funds specifically to renew local road surfaces. Many roads have now been totally resurfaced, but much more needs to be done and I want many more of our roads to have the same treatment.